Fundraising Tips 

Get to your fundraising goal using the tools below!  
 Virtual-Fundraising-Toolkit-2021.png         Social-Media-Toolkit-2021.png         Walk-Your-Way-Activity-Challenge-2021.png

Virtual Fundraising Toolkit 


Social Media Toolkit 


Walk Your Way Activity

Take a look at our step-by-step
guide on how to safely reach
your goals from the safety of
your own home.


Share with your friends why 
are walking for kids to
rally support with templates
and designs created just
for you!

  Create your page, set your 
goal, choose your activity.
Get moving and promote!


 DIY-Fundraiser-2021.png        Participant-Center-2021.png        Circle-of-Healing-2021.png

DIY Fundraiser 


Participant Center 


Circle of Healing  

Turn activities you’re already
enjoying with friends into
fundraising opportunities by
creating your own DIY


Use your personalized
fundraising page to track your
donations, and send emails to
your friends

  Consider making your gift a
monthly donation and join our
Circle of Healing.


 Connect-to-Facebook-2021.png         Matching-Gifts-2021.png        Incentives-2021.png 

Connect to Facebook 


Matching Gifts  



Creating a Facebook Fundraiser
is an easy way to reach your
goal with a few quick steps.


Find out if your company has a
matching gift program to easily
double your donation!

   While the real prize for all of us
is to walk for kids, it's always
fun to be rewarded for your
hard work and all that you do
to help.

Cash and Check Donations 

If you receive donations and want them to reflect in your fundraising total, 
please mail them to the address below: 

Mail To: 

ATTN: Manny Loya

4560 Fountain Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90029

Contact Us: OR (323) 644-3080