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$375.00 / $125,000.00

2022 Walk for Kids - Pasadena

Walk for Kids™ is an annual fundraiser to support families receiving comfort, care, and support from Ronald McDonald House Pasadena. This fun, family-friendly event calls on volunteers, companies, and donors within their local community to keep families close when they need it the most.

By participating in Walk for Kids held in Pasadena, you help create a community where children and their families embrace life and healing with a sense of hope, enthusiasm, courage, and joy. 



Your closest friends, your coworkers, and your family – together you have proven that small actions can have a big impact!

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Our Top Teams

  1. PRMH Staff & Family - $125.00
  2. PRMH Board Team - $125.00

Our Top Participants

  1. I Support RMHCSC with My Gift Martha Tuma - $125.00
  2. I Support RMHCSC with My Gift Geoff Johansing - $125.00
  3. I Support RMHCSC with My Gift Manny Garcia - $50.00
  4. I Support RMHCSC with My Gift Amber Bartmus - $40.00
  5. I Support RMHCSC with My Gift Hilary Manners - $35.00

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