Walk for Kids 2022 - Orange County

Dragons on Top of the World

For over 20 years, my family and I have been involved with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California. This year, I am proud to share that I have been appointed as a Board Member for the Charity and with this new position comes my commitment to spread the word about the good they do in the community.

Every year spring begins with The Ronald McDonald House Charities Walk for Kids. This major fundraising effort is critically important to the operation of our unique House and Camp Programs.

 In my new role, I will lead by example. My goal this year has been raised to $7,000. With the generous support from friends, colleagues, and family, I know we can reach this goal.

Our House Programs provide a “home-away from home” for families with seriously ill children. The child is just across the street at the local Children’s Hospital, with their family close by. Our Houses provide an integral part of the healing process, a place of Wellness for the families, a place to rest, to make a meal, or share a conversation with another parent dealing with similar issues.

Our Camp Program (one of a kind as there isn't one anywhere else) provides a place where children who require cancer-related medical care can go to experience the thrill of being a camper in nature's full glory and have some sense of normalcy. To be a kid without worrying about the extraordinary circumstances they are enduring.

Our organization serves families from Southern California, other states and countries around the world.  Families with sick children all speak the same language. They are in the right place.

Who's in the photo?

My daughter Victoria is with Fred Hill and myself at the last Walk for Kids in 2019. Fred is a special person. He is one of the founders of the very first Ronald McDonald House in the world founded in Philadelphia. He was a Philadelphia Eagles player at the time when his daughter Kim was diagnosed with Leukemia and saw the need for a Home away from Home during her cancer treatment. 

Why is our team named "Dragons On Top of the World"

  • This year our seven-year-old Victoria has named our team “Dragons On Top of the World” for her favorite band Imagine Dragons. 
  • The song “On Top of the World” is a powerful one that ironically speaks to why this cause is so so important to us. 
  • This song speaks to how we all go through tough times in life and how a lot of times we can all too easily take things for granted.
  • The song speaks to meaningful relationships. We may at times be friendly in thought or action but never tell others how much they really mean to us.  

Will you join me in making a difference in the lives of families with critically ill children? Together, we can help families heal. 

Please consider making a donation to my girl's Dragons team or joining us in person to walk with them on May 21st in Irvine. It's an easy walk even my two-year-old Valentina will be participating with Ronald socks and all.   

We much appreciate your consideration! 

Dragons Team member,


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