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$11,930.00 / $150,000.00

Walk for Kids 2023 - Ventura

Sunday, March 19, 2023
San Buenaventura State Beach | Ventura, CA

Site opens: 7:30am | Walk starts: 8:45am

The Walk for Kids™ is an annual community fundraiser that supports the children and families who rely on the life-changing services and programs provided by the Ronald McDonald Family Room-at Ventura County Medical Center . This fun, family-friendly event calls on volunteers, companies, and donors within their local community to keep families close when they need it the most.

Join the 2023 Walk for Kids today! 

Together, we create a community where children and their families embrace life and
healing with a sense of hope, enthusiasm, courage, and joy.

Help us reach our fundraising goal!


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Our Top Participants

  1. $100 Milestone RMHCSC Supporter Martha Johnson - $230.00
  2. $100 Milestone RMHCSC Supporter Jeffrey Lambert - $125.00
  3. $100 Milestone RMHCSC Supporter Lauren Malan - $125.00
  4. $100 Milestone RMHCSC Supporter Lisa Lyytikainen - $125.00
  5. $100 Milestone RMHCSC Supporter Madhu Bajaj - $100.00
  6. $100 Milestone RMHCSC Supporter Quincy Sloan - $100.00
  7. RMHCSC Supporter Catherine Mayeda - $75.00
  8. Sandy Lassila - $25.00
  9. RMHCSC Supporter Lori Weber - $25.00
  10. RMHCSC Supporter Silvana Zucca - $25.00

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