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Welcome to our 2019 Walk for Kids team page!

7 years ago my husband and I were 6 months pregnant! We went to a routine doctor's visit as well as an ultrasound. We were so excited as we would see our baby for the first time thru the ultrasound. Little did we know our excitement soon would turn into sadness. As they were doing the ultrasound we suddenly notice the reaction of the doctor, it was not a good one. He then let us know our son's right side of the heart had not fully developed and was completly shut to the lungs. He said I was keeping our child alive! The doctor told us this was called Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome. Our son would need open heart surgeries to repair his little heart! 

We were referral to Loma Linda Hospital to keep a closer look at our child. We started going to Loma Linda Hospital 3 to 4 days a week. Each visit they would moniter our son's heart beat as well as do an ultrasound. It was overwhelming but we remain positive and united!

During that time a Social Worker from the Hospital came up to us and gave us information about LLRMH. She explain to us the home was across the street from the Hospital. Families who lived far away from the Hospital that had a child fighting to stay alive in the Hospital could stay in this home. The Social Worker set up an appointment for us to go see the home. As soon as we open the front door of this home we felt the warmth of it! The employees were wonderful and welcomed us!

On April 4,2011 our little boy name Sebastian Aiden Lopez was welcomed into the World. Weighing 8lbs. 3oz measuring 19 3\4long and crying none stop. Our journey had just begun! Our Sebastian was extremly critical in the Hospital and was fighting to stay alive. He stayed in the Hospital until June 17,2011. During his stay he received 2 open heart surgeries, 10 blood tranfussions, trach, feeding tube and was in life support.

We remain in LLRMH throughout his stay in the Hospital, the home had become our home away from home! It brought much comfort knowing we could walk across the street from the Hospital into this home and take a nap, a shower, do laundry, pray, cook comfort other parents and have the support of the employees whom also prayed with us and lifted us up when we were down.

My family and I never knew about this home until we needed the helping hand! Since then we have received the support of our family and friends and together have made a commitment to sign Team Sebastian and walk the 5k not only for our son but for all the children whom have been and are fighting to stay alive in the Hospital. 

Please join Team Sebastian and help us raise funds for this nonprofit organization, on behalf of my family and friends I thank you in advance

  We hope that you will join us in our efforts to support seriously ill children and their families by making a donation, joining our team, or sharing our team page and encouraging others to join! Be sure to keep checking back to watch our fundraising progress!

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Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you at the 2019 Walk for Kids!

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